Neither rhyme nor reason

The common law abounds with references to reasonable and reasonably, but  the dictionary definitions do not help much.

I came across an interesting article on the subject in The Times. If you would like to improve your reading skills, here are four questions for you before you read it.

1. True or false:  one solution is to the problem of defining reasonable is to say we all know what it means.

2.  How did the tribunal of law direct the tribunal of fact on the meaning of reasonable in a criminal case in London in 2005?

3. True or false: the reasonable person is a fiction used in law.

4. True or false: what is reasonable does not differ from generation to generation.

And here is the article . Scroll down this page for the answers.





1. True, see paragraph 6, lines 1-2, “One approach is to say…”

2. “He replied saying professors had been discussing…[etc],” see paragraph 6, lines 7-12. In a criminal case, the tribunal of law is the judge and the tribunal of fact is the jury.

3. True, see paragraph 7, lines 6-7, “The reasonable person, though,…”

4. False, see paragraph 9, lines 6-7, “Reasonableness also changes…”


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